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We are committed to providing your pet with the best care to preserve their oral health.  During your annual visit the doctor will do an exam on your pet's teeth and recommend if a dental is needed or not.  We now offer Dental X-rays along with our cleanings.  Dental x-rays allow us to evaluate the tooth below the gum line.  The crown of a tooth may appear healthy, but the infection may be hidden in the roots or surrounding bone. Remember the only way to prevent dental disease is to brush your pet's teeth EVERY DAY, and schedule regular dental exams with your veterinarian.  Feel free to ask about this during your next visit.

Why is the dental health of your pet important?  

  • Up to 85% of dogs and cats over the age of 6 have dental disease.
  • Gingival disease associated with tartar is painful to your pet.
  • You can help to keep your pet’s gums healthy by regular, daily dental care
  • Annual checkups also help in identifying problems with dental disease. 
  • Good oral hygiene helps rid you pet of that nasty bad breath.

Humans have 28 teeth (excluding wisdom teeth).  Guess how many your cat and dog has?

​Your Cat Has 30 Teeth 

Your Dog Has 42 Teeth

Various X-Rays Showing Dental Issues

Damaged Teeth


Repaired Tooth

Why are Dental X-Rays important?

Severe Bone Loss (Top Circle) and Hooked Root (Bottom Circle).  The tooth with the hooked root is very difficult to extract without this X-Ray.

Hooked Root Close to Jaw - could result in fracture of jaw bone

Severe Bone Loss - areas where infection can settle

The above images show why it is important to examine your pet's teeth and provide daily dental brushings as well as supplementing with dental treats.  Dental x-rays allow us to evaluate the tooth below the gum line.  These x-rays assist your veterinarian in determining which teeth may require extraction.  While the crown of the tooth may appear healthy, an infection may be hidden in the roots or surrounding bone.  A diseased tooth will require surgical extraction.    

Dental Sealant

SANOS®can best be described as a self-hardening liquid bandage device that helps and aids in gingival and oral health.  It is used for prevention of plaque and tartar and is applied along the gum line and applied during a dental procedure.  A single application helps keep the gum line free of plaque for up to six (6) months.  

Periodontal Pocket Filler

If tartar and dental calculus are not routinely cleaned from your pets' teeth, they can cause painful inflammation of the gums called gingivitus.  In addition, the tartar build up and dental calculus can cause your pet to have bad breath (halitosis), periodontal disease, and eventually, tooth loss. During a dental procedure, you pet's teeth are cleaned and measurements are taken from under the gum line to measure the distance between the bottom of the periodontal pocket and the gingival margin. These measurements are used to measure for "pocket depth".  Once a periodontal pocket forms, it serves as a hiding place for food, plaque, and calculus accumulation. If left untreated, these deep periodontal pockets can become severe enough to result in infection, bone loss and tooth loss. The periodontal pocket filler is a special antibiotic filler that is injected into the pocket and encourages reattachment of the gum tissue to the teeth.  


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