Here are their stories:


Hero Tonto born 3-29-13

Tonto is the personal pet of Dr. Adrian Carlin and Dr. Edward Salevsky. 

"Having lost our last two Golden Retrievers to cancer it was an easy decision to enroll Tonto in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.  Our hope is that the information gained will benefit all animals.  We believe it is very important for veterinary practices to participate in this ground-breaking study."  

Tonto has a reputation as a clown but he also has a serious side.  He enjoys long runs in the woods, taste-testing gourmet dog biscuits and classical music.  


Hero Duke of Amazonia born 7-2-13

Duke was the dominate male of the litter. The owner of the dame (Amazon Princess) decided to keep Duke. Duke is fun-loving and playful when he visits his siblings Boomer and Cally.


Hero Boomer Purk born 7-2-13

Boomer is the 3rd generation from SGT Jack Flash and Jacqueline Flash.  Originally, he was supposed to go to another home, but after mending a broken leg, his loving family had all bonded to the point of keeping him as a member.  He is a lover just like his Dad and Grandpa.  His Grandmother died of Cancer.



Hero Calla Lilly Purk born 7-2-13

Calla is also 3rd generation from SGT Jack Flash and Jacqueline Flash.  She is so much like Jackie ~ SMART & LOVING.  Cally is Boomer's sister, so she shares the Grandmother dying of cancer.