Veterinary Resources


General Health Care & Illness/Disease Information:
Click here to visit the Veterinary Partners website. We find this website to contain useful and accurate
information on a wide range of pet-related topics, including information on various diseases and

Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement:
Click here to visit the official PA state website for more information regarding licensing, PA dog laws, and a list for Dog Warden contact information sorted by county. If your dog goes missing or you find a lost dog, you may contact the Dog Warden for your designated county.


American Heartworm Society:
Click here to visit the American Heartworm Society website for more information regarding the disease, prevention, and treatment of heartworm.

Companion Animal Parasite Council:
Click here for more information regarding a variety of internal and external parasites, prevention, treatment, and environmental clean-up.


Pet Poison Helpline:
Click here visit the Pet Poison Helpline website for a list of various poisons, and information on what to do if your pet ate something potentially dangerous/toxic. You may also call their help line
(855) 764 - 7661 (fees applied).