What To Expect


In keeping with our Mission Statement, we hope you find our entire staff helpful, friendly, and caring. Our veterinarians know you want what is best for your pet, and they take pride in providing that service, both in times of health and illness.

Yearly Wellness Exams: A yearly exam is important to ensure the continued health of your pet, while keeping all vaccines up to date (which is required at any boarding facility). As you may know, pets age approximately 6-8 years for every 1 "human" year. This means a 3 year old dog is closer to 21­ to 24 years of age. While age is not a disease, many issues can start to arise as animals get older. The goal, and our philosophy, is to detect any potential illness in the early stages. This allows us to slow the disease process down, thereby adding to your pet's lifespan, or possibly treat and manage the condition such that it does not cause a problem altogether.

The end result is a happier, healthier pet that requires less time in the hospital for illness, which translates to less overall expense to you. In addition to a yearly physical exam, we screen for these potential issues by performing 'Wellness" bloodwork. It is important to remember that "normal" bloodwork is a good thing, and establishes a baseline that is useful in the event of a future illness. Furthermore, it is important to remember that Bloodwork is recommended yearly to track values, but also because issues can arise over the course of a year (which is 6-8 years to your pet) and often times an illness may be starting, but yet your pet is acting normal.

Illness Exams: We understand how concerning it is when your pet feels ill. To help determine the cause of their illness, our veterinarians will often recommend one or several diagnostic tests, many of which we are able to conduct in-house that same day. While, in some circumstances: at home care may be safe, certain illnesses require more aggressive treatment that is only suitable in a hospital setting. Therefore, our veterinarians may recommend hospitalization for appropriate treatment and monitoring. We strive to ensure your pet is comfortable and cared for during their stay, and we encourage you to visit them while they are hospitalized. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. If your pet is ill, we will help determine if urgent or emergency care is necessary.